The Show


Conversation of Momentum

Brian confers with his mentor

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Scientifically Prove It!

"Brian Remus: Science Genius" is a new digital comedy about a science show host stuck at a third-rate public broadcast station. In his quest to become the next Bill Nye, Brian must pull together a competent production team from a collection of has-beens, wackos, and crooks. 

Filled with hilarious situations and bizarre meta-jokes, "Brian Remus" is a totally new kind of workplace comedy for the web. Starring Lyman Johnson and Tristen Winger from the hit Webbie-winning series "Awkward Black Girl", Curt Mega from Fox's Emmy-winning series "Glee", Heather Anne Campbell from "Who's Line Is It Anyway" and writer on "SNL", and Bill Watterson, star of "Uncharted 3".